Happy New Year! — and a few thoughts to begin it with

To those who read my post last week, we do not have a flashy New Year’s post to show you; however, I have drawn some useful insights from this circumstance which I would like to share as we kick off another year. My first insight has to do with learning new computing skills and the…. Continue reading “Happy New Year! — and a few thoughts to begin it with”.

A little bit of everything: Christmas for the Praxis project manager

Merry Christmas!  As you can see from Zach, Francesca, Veronica, and Eliza’s posts, we’re all equally busy preparing ourselves for the thrilling upcoming semester of building Ivanhoe.  Like my fellow Fellows, I too will be practicing my HTML, CSS, and PHP, because as project manager I need to understand the challenges the group faces in…. Continue reading “A little bit of everything: Christmas for the Praxis project manager”.

Praxis Holidays

Just before we departed for the break, Stephanie and I met with Jeremy to talk over some of our wireframes for Ivanhoe.  (Stephanie discussed our wireframing process in her post.)  “Right,” Jeremy told us.  “You’re going to want to clone the files that I’ve already created and start from there.” We blinked at him.  “Cloning?”…. Continue reading “Praxis Holidays”.

Breaking Things Over Winter Break

It has been over a month (!) since my last post, but the long delay is certainly not due to lack of activity in the Praxis-Ivanhoe world. Our PM, Stephanie, has written a great post summing up the progress we’ve made as a group towards defining and building Ivanhoe. I’d like to underscore her point…. Continue reading “Breaking Things Over Winter Break”.

We wish you a merry CSSmas!

While I plan on taking some time off over Christmas and New Year’s to be with family and friends, I also plan on fine-tuning my programing skills over the break. At the suggestion of Jeremy the first step is diving into tutorials (which involves equal part determination and motivation). As you may have gathered from my…. Continue reading “We wish you a merry CSSmas!”.

Lessons for Christmas: A Sawzall Solves All

Christmas, this year, is for building stuff. Today’s work orbits around three projects: building my new dining room table, finishing off a bike I am building for someone, and building some stuff in CSS. 

Podcast: Meg Stewart

Scholars’ Lab Speaker: Meg Stewart A Fulbright Scholar Talks About Participatory GIS, the Caribbean, Google Earth and How a Fulbright Could Be in Your Future On December 3, 2013, Meg Stewart, Academic Technology Consultant and Fulbright Ambassador, spoke in the Scholars’ Lab about her experiences as a geospatial technologist in the Caribbean and about the…. Continue reading “Podcast: Meg Stewart”.

Podcast: Dot Porter

Scholars’ Lab Speaker: Dot Porter Ceci n’est pas un manuscript: How Digitization and Presentation Practices Ignore and Obscure the Physicality of the Object On October 30, 2013, Dot Porter, Curator of Digital Research Services at the Schoenberg Institute for Manuscript Studies in the Kislak Center for Special Collections at the University of Pennsylvania, spoke in…. Continue reading “Podcast: Dot Porter”.

Turning points in Praxis: new roles, wire-frames, and programming languages

The last couple of weeks have been exciting ones in our program.  Our team has now specified our individual roles for the year.  Eliza, Scott, and Veronica will be our coders; Francesca and Zach will be the design team; and I will be performing project management duties, with assistance from Francesca.  I am excited to…. Continue reading “Turning points in Praxis: new roles, wire-frames, and programming languages”.

Neighborhoods of San Francisco

[Cross-posted from dclure.org] View the Exhibit Built on the Stamen Toner layer. Back in October, about a month after moving from Scholars’ Lab HQ in Virginia out to Menlo Park (my partner started a PhD program at Stanford), I drove up the peninsula to San Francisco on a Saturday morning and set out on a…. Continue reading “Neighborhoods of San Francisco”.