Speaker Series: Dr. Guoping Huang

Speaker Series: Dr. Guoping Huang Geographic Information System (GIS) & the Humanities On September 25, 2012, Dr. Guoping Huang, Assistant Professor, Department of Urban and Environmental Planning at UVa spoke in the Scholars’ Lab on GIS and the Humanities, discussing several digital humanities projects, including the Digital Atlas of Roman and Medieval Civilizations (DARMC) project,…. Continue reading “Speaker Series: Dr. Guoping Huang”.


It turns out that Fixnums are special and are represented as “immediate values”, which from what I understand is just Ruby for “literals”. This kind of lets the air out of the whole “everything in Ruby is an Object” when they are really no such thing.

Fizz Buzz

Wayne asked us newbies to solve the Fizz Buzz problem for homework. Here is my solution. I got stuck at the start, where I couldn’t remember how to make anything print–let alone all the numbers between 1 and 100. I also got stuck on how and where to introduce the iterative step. I find the way…. Continue reading “Fizz Buzz”.

Holy crap

You can dynamically add methods to built-in classes in Ruby without re-instantiating them?

Populating MySQL tables with Node.js

[Cross-posted from dclure.org] Over the course of the last week or so, I’ve been working on implementing “as-needed” spatial geometry loading for Neatline – the map queries for new data in real-time as the user pans and zooms on the map, just loading the geometries that fall inside the bounding box of the current viewport.…. Continue reading “Populating MySQL tables with Node.js”.

Mountain Lion and RVM

I recently upgraded my computer to use the latest version of OS X (Mountain Lion) and I ran in to a problem with the rvm package manager. Basically I would get to the point of actually compiling the version of Ruby, and get this nasty error: Error running ‘env CFLAGS=-I/Users/wsg4w/.rvm/usr/include LDFLAGS=-L/Users/wsg4w/.rvm/usr/lib ./configure –enable-shared –disable-install-doc –prefix=/Users/wsg4w/.rvm/rubies/ruby-1.9.3-p327’,…. Continue reading “Mountain Lion and RVM”.

Your Digital Life in 140 Characters

I just recently hopped on Twitter for the first time as part of a conference through UVA’s Institute for the Humanities and Global Cultures. It was a bit rough for the first five or six tweets as I worked out the kinks. Here are some thoughts that came out of the experience. I am hooked…. Continue reading “Your Digital Life in 140 Characters”.

Learning Ruby (again)

Things are going a bit better than the last time I tried to pick up Ruby. Part of it is just the fact that I’m not learning it this time for work, but kind-of on the side. But I think a big part of it is just getting my feet wet with just the Ruby language rather…. Continue reading “Learning Ruby (again)”.

Onward and Upward

This week we wrapped up git and got started on Ruby. I’m starting to build the muscle memory with git. Although they are mostly simple tasks I can make a change in an html document, stage those changes, and then commit them to a repository in github. This feels like major progress given how I…. Continue reading “Onward and Upward”.

Trial by Fire

After several weeks of dreaming big and working through some conceptual difficulties, we Praxis fellows have returned to the concrete task of learning to code and program.   Currently, we are wandering our way through the world of Ruby on Rails.   It has been a while since I have had the opportunity to learn something completely…. Continue reading “Trial by Fire”.