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Today’s edition of UVA Today covers our Grad Fellows program and our first luncheon of the semester. Read all about it!

How to Measure Text?

…the words we join have been joined before, and continue to be joined daily. So writing is largely quotation, quotation newly energized, as a cyclotron augments the energies of common particles circulating. – Hugh Kenner, The Pound Era This month marks the beginning of the complicated process of starting up the Large Hadron Collider, the…. Continue reading “How to Measure Text?”.

“Digital Therapy” luncheon

Please join us in the Scholars’ Lab at noon on Tuesday, September 9th, as we introduce our new Graduate Fellows in Digital Humanities as part of our first “Digital Therapy” Faculty and Grad Luncheon of the semester. With projects in social networking, geospatial analysis, and cultural mapping, these three doctoral candidates — Jean Bauer of…. Continue reading ““Digital Therapy” luncheon”.

Hello, world!

I’m here to cut the ribbon on the Scholars’ Lab blog. The Scholars’ Lab was established two short years ago at UVA Library as a site for innovation in the humanities and social sciences. The idea was to combine the resources and expertise of the Library’s successful Electronic Text (Etext) and Geospatial and Statistical Data…. Continue reading “Hello, world!”.